OnBoard Energy



Dometic generators ensure a reliable power supply onboard your vehicle wherever mains power is unavailable.

High performance, modest fuel consumption and excellent product quality are the hallmarks of the entire series.

Driven by petrol, diesel or gas engines, the tried and tested generators provide 230-volt power for use on the road.

This range is ideal for operating the air conditioner when there's no mains hook-up available, they will also supply your kitchen equipment, office equipment or power tools.

The compact units can be fitted under the flooring or in an outside storage compartment. Operation is via the multi-information display included with each generator

Whispergen Generators

The DC WhisperGen heat and power system is a robust, low-maintenance and weather independent generator. It is ideal for marine, off-grid or remote automated sites and for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

The WhisperGen heat and power system is a clean, quiet achiever, bringing electricity and heat to a wide range of applications.

* for AC Whispergen sets, please contact PowerGen

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