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Regardless of the size or type of vessel, a reliable power supply is essential for maintaining even the most basic services. For leisure craft, understandably, having some or all of the comforts of home is a pre-requisite. Whether its entertainment systems, domestic appliances (kettles, microwaves, washing machines) or everyday items like a hairdryer or the computer, it all needs power.

Your needs may be as straightforward as a single device that we can supply from our comprehensive range of components covering every budget and specification - click to visit our e-shop for best prices. Or you might find that one of our standard packages provides what you need (click here to see our standard systems). Alternatively, where you have particular requirements we can work with you to configure a customised solution that provides exactly what you need.


For those operating commercial vehicles, productivity is key as well as a need to be conscious of both operating and capital cost. Every situation is different and needs the right approach.

Power needs might be modest for running hand tools or IT equipment or for more demanding applications such as refrigeration, heavy equipment or telecommunications to quote just a few examples. Regardless or this, power systems need to perform and be reliable. Its easy to get it wrong which can be expensive and frustrating.

We have all the experience needed to be able to properly asses your power needs and match this to the circumstances within which the vehicle will operate so that we can offer you a competitive, reliable solution that you can fit with confidence.

The case studies and typical configurations show examples of how solutions may be provided. Wed be more than happy to discuss your particular needs and help you to find the solution that is ideal for you.


Power needs for industrial and commercial applications can, of course, be widely varied from back-up or power security for process control, surveillance systems, fire safety or for operating equipment independent of mains supply.

Power back-up beyond the capabilities of standard UPS systems for duration and flexibility can be provided with powerful low-voltage battery charging systems. Also, a modularised approach can offer the flexibility for accommodating equipment where space and accessibility might be restricted.

We offer bespoke solutions based on standard product ranges to meet your particular needs and can cater for hazardous or harsh environments. Advanced communication and configuration tools enable us to accommodate a variety of specialised performance requirements.

Solar & Wind Energy

Wind Turbines

Onboard Energy are please to be appointed UK distributors for Silentwind wind generators At Onboard Energy we are always serching for products which are 'that little bit special'. Silentwind wind turbines are just that! So, what makes them special and sets them apart from their competiors?

SILENTWIND generators provide more power, and less noise than most wind generators in their class. Silentwind generators are suitable for marine installations on sea going boats, canal boats and commercial vessels. They are equally suitable for land based installations such as remote off-grid houses, telecoms etc.

Silentwind wind turbines use hand laminated carbon fibre blades with 100% UV-resistant coating, this makes the turbine very silent.

All Silentwind wind generators are supplied with a Hybrid Charge Controller. This controller allows the connection of two solar PV modules of up to 180 watt in addition to the Silentwind generator. The regulator is programmable and has an LED display where you can read all relevant information.

Other features of the Silentwind wind generator are:

  • 60% + noise reduction compared to other manufacturers
  • Lightweight (6,8Kg only)
  • Easy assembly
  • Manual and electronic Brake (without dump load)
  • Excellent build quality

Solar Panels

As for our wind turbine range, Onboard Energy have invested in proving the performance of our solar panels PV products to ensure that our panels deliver reliable performance. We have a range of solar panels of different types including pollycrystalline and monocrystalline as well and dual-junction amorphous types.

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